Viking Battalion recognized for outstanding performance

Master Sergeant Oliva Buckhanon
November 30, 2012

viking-battalion-recogniz Several cadets in ECSU's Department of Military Science were recently recognized for their outstanding performance at a recent Ranger Challenge. The Ranger Challenge is a brigade-level competition between the battalions at select university and colleges within a brigade's area. The goal is to challenge cadets in tough mental and physical situations and scenarios thereby enhancing leader development and building team cohesion. It is good healthy competition among the cadets at the collegiate level. The Viking Battalion spent hours of personal time enhancing their skills mentally and physically to compete against the top universities cadets within their peer ROTC programs. The team was made up of female and male cadets who are freshman, sophomores, juniors and seniors at ECSU. Some have never been involved with type challenge. They completed several tasks since August to prepare: pushups 150-200 per day, sit ups, pull ups, and a 3 mile run in full uniform and gear with a 35 pound rucksack. The Ranger Challenge consisted of 12 events this year done over a two-day period. The events for the Ranger Challenge this year were as follows: RADIO ASSEMBLY AND USE- Put an AN/PRC-119 Radio into operation, send a message, and disassemble the radio. WEAPONS ASSEMBLY- Sprint 50 meters, assemble an M-16A2, perform a functions check, and disassemble the weapon and sprint 50 meters back for time, 2 minutes being the limit. RAPPEL TOWER- Properly ties a Swiss seat and rappel from a 60 foot tower. ONE ROPE BRIDGE- With a 120 foot rope and 1 Swiss seat per Squad member, negotiate a water obstacle by tying proper anchor points. OBSTACLE COURSE / LOG CARRY- Complete a standard Army obstacle course as a Squad with all equipment, with a 200 meter log carry at the end for time. The log was 450 pounds. Members of the Viking Battalion appear front row, left to right: Cadets Theodore Forsythe, Jared Hedges, Dwight Carrington, Joseph Washburn, Nicholas Tangredi. Back row, left to right: Cadets Paul White, Antwon Boston, Joseph Thornhill, Diavonta Brown, Bradley Miller, Keyshawn Frasier. Not Pictured: Cadets Jamie Morrison, Michael Morton, Britney Friend ###