University Police promote campus safety measuresPrepare for traffic stops and pedestrians at crosswalks

Kesha Williams
August 22, 2011university-police-promote With the start of a new semester, Elizabeth City State University Police Chief Samuel Beamon is ready to talk safety. There are new students on campus as well as new faculty and staff who are becoming familiar with the campus, its traffic patterns and social norms. The chief said August a good time for everyone living and working on campus to focus on safety. First, note that University Police have new vehicles, the T3--- battery powered, three wheel vehicles that will be used for routine patrols. Officers stand up to operate the vehicles and can help monitor areas of the campus that aren't accessible by patrol by car.  Look around campus and see them zip between university buildings, up sidewalks and down ramps. Officers can make quick maneuvers between rows of vehicles in parking lots. Beamon said he favors the vehicles which will also save the department the cost filling patrol cars with gas."These vehicles will also make it easier for our officers to conveniently park on lawn corners, the promenade or in small paved spaces to converse with pedestrians who need assistance," Beamon said. "On days when the university hosts events such as concerts or football games that draw large crowds, these vehicles will definitely help officers easily move from one area to the next."University Police recommend several safety precautions that will make our campus a safer place:
  • Pedestrians have the right of way so look out for them. Motorists should travel at a low rate of speed on campus and be prepared to stop at cross walks.  Allow pedestrians to clear the area before driving forward.  Never rush into a crosswalk when pedestrians are near. Failure to stop can cause pedestrian injury and lead to a motorist's citation.
  • Keep university ID cards in your possession at all times. Students roaming campus without an ID card can be issued a campus citation.
  • Current university decals and current university ID cards are necessary for entry into parking lots where university parties and other social events are held.
  • Do not park in reserved parking spaces and abide by signs that designate parking lots. Parking citations will be issued for violators and payment is mandatory. Employees pay for reserved spaces that allow them to conveniently enter university buildings where they serve students.
  • Drivers must use their headlights while driving after sunset and on rainy days. Both front and back lights should be properly operating.
  • Remain alert for unauthorized visitors in the residence halls and university buildings.  Secure your room and personal belongings before departing. Don't leave valuable items such as handbags, jewelry, laptops or personal hand-held devices unattended or within easy reach of a thief.
  • If shopping after sunset, walk in groups to nearby merchants. If you plan to cross a busy street, beware of traffic patterns and cross the street only when it is safe to do so. Remember, visibility for motorists may be hampered after sunset or on cloudy, stormy days. If possible, cross busy roads at intersections where traffic lights can be used influenced to stop traffic for pedestrians.
  • Secure bikes at all times. Several bike racks have been placed near select high traffic zones on campus.
  • Call the Viking Patrol (3266) within University Police for a campus escort when necessary. The Viking Patrol can transport students/staff/faculty to any campus destination including the K. E. White Graduate and continuing Education Center, located two blocks away from the main campus entry.  The service will begin in September.
University Police will visit the residence halls throughout the semester to conduct campus safety/crime prevention seminars.