Student research projects spotlighted during Research Week

Kesha Williams
April 28, 2015

student-research-projects ECSU faculty and staff led students through a wide range of projects during Research Week, April 13 - 17. Students from various fields of study made oral presentations and presented their research posters to the public in Williams Hall. Students in the natural sciences assisted faculty to conduct biology, chemistry and physics experiments for Camden Middle School youths. Justin Midgett was one of the 40 students who made poster presentations during research Week in Williams Hall Gymnasium. Midgett's poster reflected research he and two other students, Shevon Valenski and Ryan Wilmot, conducted in a microbiology laboratory under the supervision of Dr. Roberto Frontera-Suau, an associate professor in the Department of Natural Sciences. The students explored an environmental clean-up process, bioremediation, conducted on local soil samples. After two semesters, they determined bacteria naturally present in those soil samples were be able to help clean up the environment. This cleanup would have been possible in the event of a small, spilled amount of fossil fuel. Dr. Frontera-Suau said research completed by ECSU undergraduates prepares them to continue in their scientific careers and helps them better understand how to harness these powerful bacteria