Residence life deadlines announced

Mr. Warren Basket
November 23, 2005The Winter Break Residence Hall Closing guidelines are listed below for your information. Students should contact Residence Hall Directors or the Main Housing Office at 335-3761, 335-3712 or 335-3969 if they have questions. The residence halls will close for graduating seniors at 3 pm on December 10, 2005. Please remove all personal items from your, remove all trash, clean your room, turn in your room key and ID card to the Residence Hall staff member on duty. Graduating seniors will not be permitted to remain in the residence halls after the 3 pm check out time. The residence halls will close for all other students at 6 pm on December 15, 2005. Please clean your room, remove all trash, turn off all appliances, turn off lights, lock all windows and doors. Please sign out on the provided information sheets indicating destination and contact information. Please take all valuable items ( cash, jewelry, portable electronics, etc) with you. Please take everything you need with you ( ie- medications) with you. After the residence halls are closed, you will not be permitted entrance until the the specified re-opening date/time. Students are strongly encouraged to leave as soon as their last exam and are required to leave within 24 hours of their last exam. Please make travel arrangements to coincide with the above closing/re-opening dates and times.