New partnership expands continuing education options

Rocky Lane
April 02, 2013

new-partnership-expands-c Elizabeth City State University and North Carolina State University-Industrial Extension Service recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding formalizing a relationship that has already produced many successful ventures. Chancellor Willie Gilchrist and N.C. State University's Interim Vice Provost of Engagement and Outreach Terri Helmlinger-Ratcliff signed the agreement that defines the relationship and sets forth how the two universities will collaborate. The MOU covers two areas; continuing education and engineering projects. In the area of Continuing Education, the two institutions will partner to deliver public courses through the ECSU Office of Distance and Continuing Education. Examples of such course offerings include, but are not limited to: OSHA Training Institute, Quality Management and Improvement, Efficiency Improvement, Project Management. This is an area where courses have already been offered in a collaborative manner. In the second area, to the fullest extent possible, ECSU faculty, staff, and students will be engaged in projects initiated by the Industrial Extension Service. Examples of these projects include: manufacturing process improvement, quality management, safety assessment. Involvement in these projects will provide valuable real world experience and knowledge to students, opportunities for engagement and outreach for faculty and staff, as well as the potential for monetary reward. The new partnership is a win-win for both universities and the entire Northeast Region. In addition, there are on-going discussions to identify other areas of collaboration that would be of mutual benefit to all parties. Elizabeth City State University looks forward to a long and fruitful partnership with the North Carolina State Industrial Extension Service. # # #