James is a finalist for coaching award

April Emory
January 23, 2008

Elizabeth City State University administrator Elvin James has been named a finalist for the 2007 High School Football Coach of the Year award. The winner, which will be announced this week, will attend Super Bowl XLII in Arizona and will receive a $5,000 cash award and a $10,000 grant for his high school football program. All grants will be awarded by the National Football League (NFL) Youth Football Fund. As one of five finalists, James will receive a $2,500 cash award and a $5,000 grant for Goldsboro High's football program where he formerly served on the coaching staff. Tennessee Titan's linebacker David Thornton nominated James in honor the years James coached the Goldsboro High School football team, 1986-1999. James served as head coach from 1988 to 1999 for the high school and served as assistant head coach 1986-1987. In 2000, James arrived at ECSU and served as offensive line coach. He returned for a one-year-stint in 2001 as head coach at the high school then returned to the ECSU Vikings' Coaching staff. He now serves as an assistant to the athletic director. The NFL High School Football Coach of the Year Award was created in 1995 by the NFL and its teams to honor coaches who profoundly impacted the athletic and personal development of NFL players. This year nearly 100 NFL players nominated the high school football coaches who helped shape them during their teenage years. ECSU applauds James, an alumnus and current administrator with the Athletics Department. For more information on ECSU Athletics, visit www.ecsuvikings.com. University Relations & Marketing and sources with the NFL contributed to this story. NBC Channel 17 in Raleigh, NC will broadcast an interview with James and Mr. Thurlis Little on January 27 during their 11 p.m. sports cast. The story is also slated to appear on their website.