Hoops with the Chancellor - Pink Zone Breast Cancer Awareness

Kesha Williams
January 12, 2010hoops-with-the-chancellor Chancellor Gilchrist is extending a special welcome to guests from several segments of the community: U.S. Coast Guard, public officials, clergy, school officials and more. This semester, he's invited a select number of representatives from the list below to an ECSU basketball game. Hoops with the Chancellor begins will be implemented from January 9 - February 15. The guests will enjoy a free basketball game in the R. L. Vaughan Center and an opportunity to interact with the Chancellor.

Hoops with the Chancellor - ECSU Basketball 2010 Community Organization Nights

January 9 U.S. Coast Guard
January 23 Public Officials (City Councils, County Commissions, Mayors)
January 25 Ministers/Clergy
January 30 Superintendents, Middle School Principals, High School Principals
February 6 Winter Homecoming/Open House