ECSU Professor Joseph Lisowski releases detective fiction novel "Full Body Rub"

Kesha Williams
February 13, 2007Fans of mystery novels will quickly testify, the thrill of reading these manuscripts is solving the crime before the author reaches the conclusion. Elizabeth City State University Professor Joseph Lisowski is ready to test their skills with his new, detective fiction novel, "Full Body Rub." PublishAmerica declares the novel is masterfully written as it focuses on the investigation into the murder of bodybuilder Harry Schwartz: "Manny, the owner of the gym, wants Sosa to find out who killed "Hairless" Harry, and how, and why. St. Thomas is a small place and it's hard to keep secrets, but Al can't seem to find a break, at least until he meets Ava. When the evidence points him to Venezuela, is Ava showing him the way or leading him astray? Al doesn't care - he's going along for the ride of his life." Lisowski, a professor in the ECSU Department of Language, Literature and Communication, has a lengthy publishing record that includes poetry, mystery novels and scholarly articles. He says the idea for his latest novel came from a merchant and friend he knew during a 10-year residence in St. Thomas. Now, Lisowski urges his students at ECSU to write weekly and to use evidence of concrete details in their text. "The writing should come alive for the reader. The writing should create an experience for the reader. I do that with this novel by vividly describing actual places in the Caribbean, having characters interact in fast pace action and with humor on their journey to solving the mystery," Lisowski said. For the past five years, he has taught creative writing, world literature, British literature and English composition at ECSU while living with his family in Elizabeth City. He has published two detective fiction novels, "Looking for Lauren" (1998) and "Looking for Lisa" (2003). Lisowski published 13 chapbooks of poetry over the past 22 years. This is Lisowski's first novel with PublishAmerica. The company is home of 20,000 talented authors. PublishAmerica is a traditional publishing company whose primary goal is to encourage and promote the works of new, previously undiscovered writers. Lisowski will autograph books and recite poetry at Page After Page in downtown Elizabeth City from 1 p.m. - 3 p.m. on February 17.