ECSU is Tom Joyner School of the Month

Kesha Williams
November 28, 2007

The Tom Joyner Foundation, a nonprofit foundation that annually supports historically black colleges and universities with millions of dollars in scholarship donations, has selected Elizabeth City State University as its School of the Month, February of 2008. As a result, the Elizabeth City State University Foundation will partner with the Tom Joyner Foundation to solicit donations in this $500,000 drive for scholarships. The scholarships are awarded to qualifying students enrolled now and in the future at ECSU. Ken Henshaw, president of the ECSU Foundation said he is looking forward to the scholarship drive that supports so many deserving students from northeastern North Carolina and elsewhere. ECSU Chancellor Willie J. Gilchrist is excited about the scholarship drive that will help so many students complete their education. Gilchrist says a large number of ECSU graduates return to North Carolina communities where they work, volunteer and support the tax basis. "ECSU graduates are making a difference in communities across the state, the nation and the world. They are working as teachers, principals, police officers, dentists, entrepreneurs, business executives, officers in the military, computer scientists and in many more professions," Gilchrist said. "Many of our current students and those in the future are dreaming of meaningful careers. However, they need scholarships to pay for their education. With the generous donations from the community, alumni and others, this campaign will only increase the numbers in those professions." The Tom Joyner Foundation is run by a team of dedicated individuals that is committed to furthering the vision of the foundation. The successful feats of the foundation are well known thanks to the success of The Tom Joyner Morning Show which is broadcast to more than 8 million listeners across 115 markets. Thomas Joyner Jr. is the CEO of the Tom Joyner Foundation and oversees the daily operations of the foundation. A list of scholarships and application guidelines is available online: Scholarship packets, application and profile sheet, must be completed and postmarked no later than January 2, 2008. For more information, please call Mrs. LaTanya Afolayan, 335-3966.