ECSU freshman completes solo flight

Kesha Williams
March 06, 2009

ecsu-freshman-completes-s Zachary Hunter, a student from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, is the first freshman majoring in aviation science at Elizabeth City State University, to complete a solo flight. Hunter is one of five freshmen this semester who have completed the private pilot ground school. The students, who have a minor in flight education, are likely to complete the Federal Aviation Administration private pilot examination and to obtain their private pilot licenses before completing this spring semester. The students are preparing for careers as professional pilots. ECSU is the only four-year institution in the state of North Carolina offering a bachelor's degree in aviation science. Degree concentrations in that program include aviation management, computer science, avionics, public administration, flight education, space science and electronics. Dr. J. Anthony Sharp, director of the ECSU aviation science program, said they are progressing well in their first year. "We are pleased that ECSU students have taken to the air to pursue careers as professional pilots. The flight program is significant because students have an avenue to learn about the aviation and aerospace industries as undergraduates," Sharp said. "Billions of dollars flow through these industries and millions of people are employed in them. We are confident they will have successful careers in the commercial and corporate aviation sectors and the military." The aviation science program is part of the ECSU School of Mathematics, Science and Technology. For more information on the aviation science program, call Dr. J. Anthony Sharp, 252-335-3741.