ECSU displays "Clay, Canvas & Culture" through March 20

Kesha Williams
February 13, 2015

ecsu-displays-clay-canv ECSU announces the opening of a new exhibit, "Clay, Canvas & Culture," at the University Art Gallery. This is the 24th Annual African American Art Exhibit held on ECSU's campus. This is the sixth exhibit displayed since the University Art Gallery reopened nearly two years ago. One section of the gallery displays a permanent collection of art while the other section of the gallery is reserved for guest, featured artists. Their artwork provides us with a glimpse into the creative minds of artists near and far. Art Professor Alexis Joyner, director of the University Art Gallery, said he is honored to bring another exhibit to the gallery that will be an enriching experience for the students. They will witness firsthand how these featured artists handle their respective media. Our guests are Tidewater artists Robert Davis, Maizelle, and Debbi Small. Davis will present a fascinating selection of clay sculpture and pottery. Maizelle will bring a selection of colorful abstract paintings, while Small will display a collection of mixed media pieces. The permanent collection contains artwork by all three artists. For Davis and Maizelle, this show marks their second visit to the university as featured artists. Small said she attempts to express experiences, concerns and aspirations with her work. African and Native American heritage are evident in her pieces. Her artwork includes a mixture of painting, drawing, sewing, embroidery and beading. "All of my work starts with canvas. I spend months pinning, designing and sewing to canvas. It's nice to contribute to the students' educational experience. Students can look at this art and see the time and effort involved," Small said. "As artists, God gives us a vision. If we are obedient and wait for that vision, we can translate what He has given us."