ECSU continues enrollment growth in 2005

Kesha Williams
October 13, 2005 For the fourth consecutive year, Elizabeth City State University has set an all-time enrollment record. The university has enrolled 2,660 students for fall 2005. The current number of students represents an increase of 190 over the fall 2004 student enrollment of 2,470, a percentage increase of 7.7 percent. Since fall 2001, ECSU has grown from 2,004 students to the current 2,660, an increase of 32.7 percent. The freshman class includes 555 new students. Over half, 53 percent, came from northeast North Carolina. There are 174 new transfer students, and 59 graduate students enrolled. This freshman class represents the second highest enrollment of freshmen in the university's history, while the number of new transfer students is the third highest in history. The 59 graduate students represent 79 % more than in 2004. Dr. Gerald McCants, ECSU's assistant to the chancellor for Enrollment Management, Planning, Research and Outreach, says these numbers are strong indicators of the university's success to offer programs, facilities and resources that students value. "All of us at ECSU are very proud of our continuing accomplishments to attract more students. They (students) are coming from the surrounding 21 counties, the metropolitan cities, other states and they are returning for second degrees. Those earning master's degrees at ECSU, are in most cases, working professionals." McCants said. "In keeping pace with the future of northeast North Carolina, ECSU is growing in enrollment, adding new undergraduate and graduate programs, and adding to the current and future educational and economic development of the northeast region." Based on new findings from an economic impact study conducted by the law firm Smith Moore, LLP, formerly known as Holt, York, McDarris & High, in Raleigh, North Carolina, McCants couldn't be more right about current and future developments for the region. The university's students, supporters and graduates greatly contribute to the region's economy. ECSU's enrollment growth yields graduates who work in the region. Their contributions to the community by way of skills, community service and income contribute to the development of the region.