Campus Police increases security measures

Chief Beamon
April 23, 2007

ECSU's Chief of Campus Police released the following statement regarding campus security measures: "The safety of ECSU students, staff and faculty is the priority for Campus Police. As a result of the recent tragedy at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech. University), Campus Police has taken additional measures to secure the campus. The officers will park their police cars in highly visible areas while officers complete nearby foot patrols; Officers regularly walk through the residence halls; Officers will concentrate their efforts on monitoring the campus with less time spent patrolling roads adjacent to campus; We've enhanced surveillance equipment at Viking Village so the hall directors can monitor the cameras regularly. The officers are working with Housing and Residence Life to make sure residence hall, card key systems are being used properly. In addition, Campus Police has installed additional cameras in three different zones of the campus and added power lights. These are some of the many efforts Campus Police takes to secure our campus. If you need assistance, please call 335-3266 or 335-3555" --Chief Sam Beamon