Bowman unveils new book at NAA conference

Dr. Jeanette Evans
July 23, 2015

bowman-unveils-new-book-a The Raleigh-Durham-Durham-Wake Alumni Chapter hosted the 45th Annual National Alumni Association Convention in Raleigh, N. C. on Thursday through Saturday, July 9-11, 2015. Over 100 local and national officers, along with Elizabeth City State University (ECSU) Chancellor Stacey Franklin Jones and her leadership team, attended the event. On Friday, ECSU Professor Glen Bowman gave highlights of his recent publication on the history of Elizabeth City State University before unveiling it to the audience. Expressing appreciation to all who helped him bring this arduous research project to fruition, he stated, "It has been one of the most rewarding accomplishments of my career." He delighted alums by staying around to autograph their pre-purchased copies. Ella Ivory, class of 1965, whose title-Elizabeth City State University 1891-2016: The Continuity of a Historical Legacy of Excellence and Resilience- was selected at last year's convention, was present to witness the unveiling. Other activities included an exciting series of workshops on managing change and transition and what it takes to influence the involvement of young alumni. Ms. Andrea Harris, founder and senior fellow of The Institute, an economic development non-profit in Raleigh, delivered a powerful and inspiring message on the historic and continuing value of HBCUs. "North Carolina has 10% of the nation's HBCUs with five (5) public and five (5) private institutions in the state and they generate more than $2 billion of economic impact for the state," she noted. In acknowledging ECSU's almost quarter of a billion dollar ($231.5) economic impact on North Carolina and its production of the vast majority of Black teachers in the northeastern prosperity zone, Harris stated further, "ECSU is a diamond in the northeast the simply needs our support and investment." The host chapter capped the day's activities with a benefit dinner honoring Elaine Welch Perry, ECSU Class of 1954, the founder of the Raleigh-Durham-Wake Alumni Chapter and the National Alumni Association Convention, formerly the General Alumni Association Summer Workshop. Proceeds will benefit student scholarships. On Saturday, Chancellor Stacey Franklin Jones presented her strategic plan outlining the details of her three-phase Path to Prominence vision for securing ECSU's place among the nation's best colleges and universities. She introduced her leadership team, including the new provost, Dr. Vann Newkirk, and the recently hired athletic director, Derrick Johnson. NAA President Jeanette H. Evans stated, "We were pleased to receive an update on what's happening at the university and will use the information to guide the revision of the association's strategic plan." Further, she stated, "As an associated entity of the university, it is our utmost desire to achieve a higher level of congruence between our values and goals and those articulated in the chancellor's plan. Next year's convention will be hosted on July 7-9, 2016, culminating activities planned in conjunction with the university 125th anniversary celebration.