Biology student wins $20,000 scholarship

Kesha Williams
December 06, 2005Gieira Jones, a sophomore majoring in biology from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is the recipient of a $20,000 scholarship from the National Institute of Health. The scholarship will pay for her undergraduate education and set the stage for graduate school. To qualify, applicants must have had a minimum grade point average of 3.5, meet income requirements, have a strong interest in biomedical sciences, and supply relevant recommendations for the award. Recipients of the award are required to attend a10-week summer internship at NIH and commit to a year of service after graduation. Jones, a student in the honors program, said she is excited to receive the award since she is one of five children and the first to attend college. The scholarship, the one-on-one laboratory experiences with faculty members and ECSUs nurturing environment assured Jones she made the right decision to forgo northern universities for undergraduate school. I recommend this school [ECSU]. Here, they treat you as a person not as a number. I love the small community and the southern hospitality is great, Jones said.