Becton advises students to focus on the prize--graduation

Becton advises students to focus on the prize--graduation

Kesha Williams
September 25, 2013


Brandon Jones, a junior from Charlotte, N.C., Mr. Elizabeth City State University, lights the candelabra during the Fall Convocation and Candlelighting Service on September 22. The candlelight symbolizes the eternal flame of knowledge that is passed to another generation of college students.  The Fall Convocation and Candlelighting Service is the formal induction of freshmen into the university. Freshmen are reminded of the underlying mission of the university and the importance of education to our society.

Chancellor Charles Becton was the speaker for this service. He urged the students to revel in this opportunity and take full advantage of what the university has to offer. The Chancellor assured the students that academic success is achievable despite challenges along the way or comments by naysayers.

"If you apply yourself in your studies, take full advantage of the staff, technology and other resources available to you, you will thrive here at ECSU. This will be a history-making time in which you-the young, the bright, the boundless energy ones, full of dreams and hopes --will learn just how much a difference you can make in the lives of [your] loved ones and others you meet," Becton said.

"We are here not only to instruct, but to guide, encourage and warn you. . . . We need you to harness the power within to remain focused on the prize - graduation."