Atkinson urges local educators to make better use of the internet

Kesha Williams
February 25, 2013

atkinson-urges-local-educ North Carolina Superintendent of Public Instruction June Atkinson arrived on the Elizabeth City State University campus Feb. 18 with assurance that public school teaching methods aren't "obsolete" but will require some remodeling. Atkinson was the guest of the Elizabeth City-Pasquotank Public Schools Education Foundation and ECSU. Her audience included local educators, elected officials and university students. Atkinson said future instructional methods will include better use of Internet resources and assorted hand-held digital devices. Those devices will allow students to hear recorded lectures and lessons by school teachers on demand. Students then could use classroom time to pose questions and to complete homework assignments, Atkinson said. George Cox, vice president of the foundation, said the event was held in support of public education. Atkinson's presentation, he said, highlighted the progress made by local schools, while forecasting her priorities for improvement. "The event was a great opportunity for Elizabeth City-Pasquotank Public Schools leadership, ECSU students and faculty and the Elizabeth City community to come together to show support for our public schools," Cox said. Dr. Shelia H. Williams, director of Teacher Education and University-School Education Partnerships at ECSU, said she was pleased with Atkinson's emphasis on technology. "Dr. Atkinson emphasized to the audience, which included our (ECSU) student-teachers, the importance of incorporating technology in the classroom for optimal student learning," Williams said. "We realize that the typical student uses some form of technology daily -- iPads, tablets, laptops, iPhones, etcetera. However, it is our responsibility to assist them in transferring that knowledge into the classroom where they are completing assignments. In ECSU's Education Department, we are placing special emphasis on technology-- helping student-teachers prepare to use those devices during classroom instruction." # # #