Area students win math contest awards

Dr. Vinod Manglik
April 09, 2012


The Mathematics and Computer Science Department at Elizabeth City State University hosted the State Regional State Mathematics Contest on March 29, 2012. This annual contest was held at the K. E. White Graduate Center. The four subject areas tested were Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and Comprehensive Mathematics.  The faculty and staff from the department served as facilitators.

In 1980, the first Regional State Mathematics Contest was initiated at ECSU through the efforts of the late Dr. Sohindar Sachdev, former department chairperson. Since then, a department committee has coordinated this significant annual event. Dr. Vinod Manglik served as the chair for the NC State Regional Math Contest committee for 2011. About 280 students from 14 schools in the region participated in this year's contest. 

First, second, and third place awards were given in each subject area for both the individual and the team categories. The awards were presented by Dr. Harry Bass, Dean, School of Math Science & Technology.

The top 8% of those taking the comprehensive test advance to the State Comprehensive Finals (on April 19, 2012) at the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics, Durham. Each of the other three tested areas' ranks in the top 10% advance to the Eastern Regional State Finals (on April 26, 2012) at the Fayetteville State University, Fayetteville.

Contest Results: All the winners were awarded both the trophies and certificates

Individual Winners (Advancing to the State Level, in order of ranks)

Algebra I: Carla Hardy- First Flight Middle School, Sarah Nelson- Camden Middle School, Evan Fish - First Fight Middle School, Chandler Kelly - First Flight Middle, Tom Dix - Moyock Middle School, Nathan Butcher -  First Flight Middle School, Benjamin Rollason - First Flight Middle School, Trika Midget - Manteo High School, Ethan Gilbreath - First Flight Middle School.

Algebra II: Jordan Oliver - Plymouth High School, Bailey Gray - Cape Hatteras Secondary School, John Stanton - Columbia High School, Caroline Robinson - Camden High School, Lorraine Turick - Cape Hatteras Higher Secondary School, Kristen Castelow - J. P. Knapp Early Academy

Geometry: Anna Griffin - Currituck County Middle School, Mary O' Neil - First Flight Middle School,  Rachel Yuan - Camden High School, Chris Eppley -   Moyock Middle School, Parks Kelly - First Flight Middle School,   Madison Fairbanks - Cape Hatteras Secondary School, Bryce Detterman -  Currituck Middle School, Ian Kenny - First Flight Middle School

Comprehensive:  Paul Davis - Manteo High School, Zack Owen - First Fight High School, Chris Johnson - Cape Hatteras Secondary School, Brandon Payne - Manteo High School, Angle Wescott - Manteo High School, River Chapman - Manteo High School, Adam Fish - First Flight High School, Sam Scholton - Cape Hatteras Secondary School.