Advance fall registration begins March 31

Kesha Williams
March 26, 2008

Pre-registration for summer and fall semester at ECSU will be held March 31 - April 11. This registration involves students currently enrolled at the university. Students will register by their classification: Seniors: March 31 & April 1 Juniors: April 2 & 3 Sophomores: April 4 & 7 Freshmen: April 8 & 9 Make-up days for students who failed to register by their classification will be held on April 10 & 11. Weekend/Evening students will register by their classification and on April 10 and 11. Graduate Program students will register any day between March 31 and April 11. Students should see their advisor during his/her posted office hours for advisement & pre-registration. Students who have not declared an academic major should report to the Division of General Studies in Moore Hall. Currently enrolled students who do not pre-register for the Fall Semester 2008 will be assessed a $100 fee.